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Congratulations to the

ORA 2017-2018
All-State Team

Dylan Reid - Men's Open
Blake Ingram - Men's Elite
Dan Graham - Men's A

Shane Reilly - Men's B
Jeff Simonson - Men's C
Mark Szabo - Men's 45+
Michael Stoner - Men's 55+
Tim Prigo & Chad Cherry - Men's Open Doubles
Michael Stoner, Kyle Orthmeyer & Matt Rold - Men's Elite Doubles
Jarren Swazo & David Sneitzer - Men's A Doubles
Dan Hoffman & Scott Skellenger - Men's B Doubles
Jim Hart & David Moyle - 90+ Doubles
Annie Roberts - Women's Open
Augusta Herman - Women's A
Kareena Matthew - Women's B
Linda Reeves & Rachel Creel - Women's Open Doubles
Linda Reeves & Michael Stoner - Mixed Open
Marla Crane & Richard Graff - Mixed A

Please see one of the ORA Board members to get your $15 tournament voucher.

Latest Oregon Racquetball News...
Oregon is home to the best junior program in the country (Team Oregon has won an impressive 18 national Overall Team championships), the best high school program in the country (teams from Oregon have won 13 national Overall Team championships) and the best collegiate programs in the country (OSU has won five national Overall Team championships in the past six years and U of O consistently finishes in the top 10).
These collective achievements are due, in large part, to the excellent coaching of excellent students. In order to build on our accomplishments in the coming years, we need to continue to provide our students with excellent coaching, especially as other programs from across the country look to emulate Oregon’s successes.
In an effort to provide you access to proven resources to help hone our coaching (and subsequently, the success of our students), we’ve invited Fran Davis, master professional instructor, to Portland to conduct an USAR Instructors Program Certification Course at Sunset Athletic Club June 3 and June 4. (Note to current/former AmPro members: Please be sure to visit the program’s website for details regarding the USAR’s grandfather period on AmPro membership.)
The coaching element of this program follows continuing education guidelines of the United States Olympic Committee Coaching Program, and all elements of this new, innovative and exciting approach will provide coaches with the tools needed to reach the next level in professional instruction.
During the two-day clinic, Fran will provide participants instruction on how to: 
- Convey the precise knowledge, skills and abilities required to teach racquetball efficiently
- Develop a clear comprehension and proficiency of the 10 benchmarks of instruction necessary to teach and train students
- Deliver an avenue for continuing education and advancement to assist qualified instructors in maintaining current informational skills
- Provide an evaluation process that facilitates consistency and quality control for instructional programs across the nation
- Develop a high level of competence and confidence relative to primary instructional techniques
Benefits of membership in the USA Racquetball Instructors Program include:
- One-year membership to the USAR IP and three-year period certification
- Comprehensive insurance (and the only insurance recognized by the USAR)
- Access to online instructional materials, monthly conference calls and mentoring programs
- The latest information regarding professional instruction
We’re very pleased to offer coaches (and anyone involved with racquetball in Oregon) this opportunity to hone their teaching skills from one of the best in the business.
Here are specific details about the clinic:
2011 OR USAR-IP Clinic by Fran Davis
Friday, June 3, 4 to 10 p.m.
Saturday, June 4, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunset Athletic Club, Portland
Cost: $295
Registration is available online:

For more information, contact 
Fran Davis or Dave Moyle … they’re happy to speak with you about the benefits of this certification program.
Hope to see you in June!


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